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Mid-Century Modern furniture, accessories, and arts with a worldwide selection of products. Imported & exported through CA & USA.

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A unique on-line luxury store for very unique people..

Wall clock
Wall clock
Wall clock
SKU 00018
On Sale
Le classical bed
Le classical bed
Le classical bed
SKU 00053
was C$5 200.00
Save 31%
C$3 599.00
Roi soleil Mirror
Roi soleil Mirror
Roi soleil Mirror
SKU 00060
La carafe
La carafe
La carafe
SKU 00076
On sale
Karl office chair
Karl office chair
Divine office chair
Karl office chair
SKU 00080
was C$2 599.00
Save 27%
C$1 899.00
Ocean dish set
Ocean dish set
Ocean dish set
SKU 00102

Lighting: pendant fixture ,table lamps, chandeliers and flush mounted light.

any type of pendant lighting All kind of unique contemporary fixtures.

Made of glass, brass or natural black iron.

Bulbs and globes needs to be purchase separately.

Specifications means ? ( globe size and bulbs with size of fixture).

* If for some reason the bulbs required are not specified send us an email or what's app text 438-923-1046 and we will respond within 24 hrs.

Lead time approx 30 days but it some cases 60 days.

Except specified differently and purchase with a delivery upcharge.

.unique contemporary fixtures

Tables dinning coffee table side tables

Beautiful dining tables.

Veneered or solid wood

The one with extensions will be specified

With the full lenght and the full width.

Delivered with a specific transport company.

Assembly through the transport company is possible but needs to be book in advance (1 week). And extra charge apply. $175.00 CA same for USA but in their currency.

*May require to be assembled.

 The same applies for beds,side tables and coffee tables and dining table.beautiful dining table with wood veneer surface and solid wood in different species.

Gift card

gift cards

Different prices are available custom activation required.

Once purchase we will email you 

For how to use your card.

You can always use your gift card 

There is no expiration date.


Gift card
Gift card
Gift card
SKU 00095
Gift card
Gift card
Gift card
SKU 00094


Beautiful Japanese and Turkish  dish set 

Made of exquisite porcelain of top quality 

Like only the Japanese and the Turks people know how.

Expert for century at crafting their art.

Set of 6 people's or 8 

Which is really hard to find .Usually  a dishes is given individually piece by piece during the course or their life. dish set made if the finest porcelain. according to tradition.

Sideboard buffet for the dining room

 We carry several beautiful sideboards whether in lacquered or wood veneer species like walnut, cherry or mahogany or even with glass and metal.Always sophisticatedwe carry sophisticated cabinet with style with a Mid-Century modern influence in style. we carry beautiful sideboards

Nouveautés/ coming soon

new products coming

Why working with us

After creating some interiors and selecting home products for clients for over 25 + yrs. I have developed an eye to find or to design good quality, and timeless products. Our Goal as a company is to bring those rare items visible on this site and sell them at a more affordable cost. 

Educating clients through blogs and story makes it also more appealing knowing that they own a part of history in this modern world...that's why we have decided to call us: 

The Modern Legacy...D'hier à aujourd'hui.


Pierre Senéchal Design.

Pierre Senéchal Studio.


I have used TheModern.legacy quite often as a designer for clients. They know how and where to research upscale furniture's.

 Helping customers and interior designers finding what they are looking for to create their project.

The person working there did research for me on several products and did a fantastic job finding what I was looking for. I definitively recommend them.

Pierre Senechal designer
Design principal

Great services reasonable prices for products of such quality!

Delivery was done impeccably! 

Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California

Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is amazing honestly can't recommend them enough.

Amanda Mitchell
Lincoln, Virginia
I actually had to order this from overseas as UK shops don't seem to stock anything similar. Shipping was surprisingly fast and affordable.
John Doeln
London, UK

Who we are

Pierre Senéchal

principal : Pierre Senéchal Studio

At a very young age I was drawn to beautiful objects, art , music and poetry.

I also had a passion for traveling and flee markets where I found most of my inspirations for my clients as an interior designer.

That's what makes it so unique.Finding objects_ from the past to recreate objects that are beautiful in today's world..there is a sense of déjà vue. Add good pricing , quality products and personalised service and you have a winning combination for an online Luxury store. My associates share the same values and we are truly devoted to our clients. Finding them what they are looking for and be dedicated to give them a great shopping experience. 

Try us what are you waiting for?

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Pierre Senéchal 

Interior Design services

                       WE OFFER :

* in house interior design services.

 "consultant or contract" each projects are different and require an evaluation from our part.

• Large residential and commercial           expertise.

• A free virtual 45 min consultation.

• project schematic studies ( 2)

• A final furniture layout, furniture and materials selection with a budget cost.

•3D Rendering 

•Construction documents if required for (remodeling or ground up new construction).

* The Projects shown on the web site below are  projects completed in USA and Canada .

Ville Marie

1188 Union Av. Montreal, Qc Canada H3B 0E5

Store hours by appointment only.


9 am - 5 pm 


10 am-4 pm 

Sunday close